Research Funding Approach for Oregon Wineries and Vineyards

The Oregon Wine Board provides, pursuant to its legislative charter, research grants to institutions for research in viticulture and enology of particular relevance to the Oregon wine industry. Central to this function of the OWB is the formally appointed research committee, which is comprised of 53 viticulture and enology professionals in the Oregon wine industry. To ensure that the OWB funds research that is of the highest relevance and quality for Oregon's wine industry while also addressing current or emerging challenges confronting Oregon's wine growers and winemakers, the Research Committee meets annually to assess the Oregon wine industry's top research priorities. These priorities are released in the form of an RFA, and research proposals received in response to the RFA are evaluated for quality, relevance, budget, and staff/facility resources. The results of OWB-supported research are reported to the industry through seminars, symposia, extension publications, and peer-reviewed journals.  

Oregon Wine Standing Committee on Research

The Oregon Wine Standing Committee on Research (OWSCR) was founded in 2013 and is chaired by a member of the Oregon Wine Board. This Committee is charged by the OWB Board to bring a clear perspective on the research needs of Oregon's wine industry to the work conducted at OSU's Oregon Wine Research Institute (OWRI). OWSCR includes both industry members and OWRI research scientists and administrators, and it takes a somewhat longer view of industry needs and trends in order to consolidate grower and winemaker input for the scientists at the OWRI. Like the OWB Research Committee, OWSCR includes of wine community members from all over the state. 

OWB Support for Special Research Projects

In addition to projects overseen by the Research Committee and the OWSCR, the Oregon Wine Board also reviews funding requests for special projects and work conducted for the benefit of the Oregon wine industry by members of Oregon's colleges and universities.

Oregon Wine Research Institute

The principal organ for conducting wine-related research in Oregon is the Oregon Wine Research Institute (OWRI), which resides in the College of Agriculture of Oregon State University. OWRI is dedicated to conducting and disseminating research efforts that support Oregon grape growing and wine production. Members of the OWRI faculty are appointed by the Dean of the College of Agriculture, and may include USDA scientists as well as OSU scientists. Funding for OWRI research comes from OSU, OWB, other external grants, and donations from wine industry members. The results of OWRI research are disseminated in the forms of workshops, hands-on training, research reports, webinars, and numerous print and online publications. The three main areas of OWRI focus are viticulture, enology, and business.  Descriptions of the research being conducted can be found at the Oregon Wine Research Institute website.

Oregon Wine Board Funded Research Reports

2014-2015 Oregon Wine Board Funded Research Reports

For 2014-2015, the OWB allocated up to $270,000 for the support of these research grants. Read summaries for the 2014-2015 Research. Full reports should be available early summer 2015.

2013-2014 Oregon Wine Board Funded Research Reports

For 2013-2014, the OWB allocated up to $270,000 for the support of these research grants. Read the 2013-2014 research project summaries and full reports.

2012-2013 Oregon Wine Board Funded Research Reports

For 2012-2013, the OWB allocated up to $240,000 for the support of these research grants. Read the 2013-2014 research project summaries and full reports.

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