Applegate Valley

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Location:  Applegate Valley is a sub-appellation of the larger Rogue Valley AVA in SouthernOregon. It stretches 50 miles north from the California border to the Rogue River just west of Grants Pass.

Wine history:  Applegate Valley's wine history began in 1852 when an early area settler named Peter Britt planted wine grapes. In 1873, he opened Valley View Winery, Oregon's first official winery. Valley View closed in 1907, then prohibition hit. It wasn't until the 1970s, after modern pioneers began discovering the neighboring areas' quality wine growing conditions, that Applegate Valley experienced a resurgence of winemaking. It began with a few family-run wineries that planted their roots and opened their doors. Today, this area is an important winegrowing region turning out a diversity of high-quality wines. The appellation became official in 2001.

Climate:  Applegate Valley has a moderate climate that generally enjoys a warm, dry (just 25.2 inches of annual rain) growing season with hot days and cool nights perfect for warm-climate varieties.

Soils:  Applegate Valley's soil types are typically granite in origin, and most of the area's vineyards are planted on stream terraces or alluvial fans, providing deep, well-drained soils that are ideal for high-quality wine grapes.

Topography:  Applegate Valley is surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains, which were created by up-thrusts of the ocean floor as a plate forced its way under the continental shelf. The Siskiyou National Forest borders the Applegate Valley to the west, and the Rogue River National Forest to the east. Vineyards are typically grown at higher elevations up to 2,000 feet.


Predominant varieties

  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Syrah
  • Chardonnay

While you're here...

This area of Southern Oregon is home to a pair of award-winning festivals celebrating music and theater: The Britt Festival in historic Jacksonville and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Both towns, in addition to Medford, offer upscale, market-fresh restaurants, charming inns and bed and breakfasts, cafés and boutique shopping. Nearby are wilderness areas and mountains for hiking and skiing, North America's deepest lake, Crater Lake, the legendary Rogue River, which offers incredible fishing, white water rafting and jet boat excursions, and there are more than ten public golf courses to choose from. In the sleepy town of Central Point is the famous Rogue Creamery, which produces one of the world's greatest blue cheeses, among other flavors. Swing in and buy a sampler before visiting Applegate Valley's tasting rooms.

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Applegate Valley Wine Trail

Life slows a pace or two in the picturesque Applegate Valley. Small wineries with big wines can be found all along the meandering roads and rivers. Come meet our grape growers, step into their vineyards and share a glass of wine. If you haven't visited the Applegate Wine Trail, then you haven't truly experienced southern Oregon wine country.

Southern Oregon Winery Association

A visit to a winery in Southern Oregon can involve much more than just tasting wine. Located in beautiful valleys with stunning vistas, a family member or winemaker may be pouring wine in the tasting room, or be nearby to share stories and special wines with you. Many wines are only available at the winery or have very limited distribution, so be sure to take some wines home to share your discovery of Southern Oregon wineries with friends and family.

Travel Oregon - Southern Oregon Page

Southern Oregon offers some of the state's most refined and rugged adventures. On the one hand there's the Tony-Award winning Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and the visits to the nearby vineyards, chocolatiers, and cheese makers, and of course the fine restaurants that serve the fruits of their labor.

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