Oregon's winemakers focus on small batch, high-quality wines

Wine barrel

Oregon is a special place with a commitment to producing high-quality wines. On a national scale, Oregon is the third largest viniferous grape producing state, yet remains focused on producing small-batch artisan wine. In fact, most Oregon wineries are relatively small, producing on average only 5,000 cases a year.

Keeping wine production small ensures that winemakers have the time and energy to nurture each and every vine, cluster and barrel into wines of superior flavor and concentration worthy of the Oregon stamp. It also allows winemakers time to collaborate with one another, experiment with new varieties, practice earth-friendly growing techniques and-perhaps best of all-directly share their results with the wine enthusiast.

Really. in Oregon, it's often the winemaker behind the counter pouring the wine. And in many cases, visitors get to taste small-batch vintages only available in the winery's tasting room. Now that's worth the trip alone. Oregon's vintners are waiting.


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