Oregon Wine A-List Wine Program of the Year Winner



Congratulations to Ava DeRosier of Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine with locations in Medford and Ashland, Oregon for winning the 2017 Wine Program of the Year award!

The Oregon Wine A-List Wine Program of the Year Award is the highest honor awarded by the Oregon Wine A-List restaurant awards program. Ava is the Director of Food and Beverage for the Neuman Hotel Group and enthusiastically dedicates 50-75% of the Larks wine list to wines from every region in Oregon.

Upon receiving the 2017 Oregon Wine A-List Program of the Year designation, Ava said, “Thank you so much for the recognition. I am humble and grateful! In the ten years that I have been with Larks Restaurant, it has been truly extraordinary to see the progress that the Oregon wine industry has made. Our commitment to showcase Oregon wines has been so gratifying because our staff has had the opportunity to continually educate visitors and locals about the amazing things that are happening here. We are very grateful to everyone who has played a role in helping the Oregon wine industry grow, and we will continue to do our part by making Oregon wines available to our guests.”

The Oregon Wine A-List Awards evaluate wine lists, not the service or food quality of a restaurant. If you have any comments regarding your experience at one of the award-winning restaurants we would like to hear about it. Please email us at info@oregonwinealist.com