Vintage Podcast with Brian Bushlach

Each May our host Brian Bushlach dives into the stories of Oregon’s past, present and future with the characters of Oregon’s wine industry. Dive into their stories, in their own words.

Brian is a native Oregonian and wine aficionado who has been sharing the stories of Northwest wine for more than 15 years.

Healthy People and Plants

Many Oregon wineries view grapegrowing as part of a holistic system of polyculture, and view their business operations as part of a holistic approach to community health and success. This week’s conversation explores the ways that Oregon leads in sustainability, including soil health, employee health, community health and more.

Featuring: Michael Davies of Rex Hill & Bill Steele of Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden.

Oregon’s Secret Garden

The Columbia Gorge AVA spans the banks of Oregon and Washington across the Columbia River. In this dramatic tableau winegrowers cultivate diverse varieties in climates that vary wildly—from the high desert-like east, to the cooler, wetter west. We speak with Brian McCormick who grows fruit on both sides of the river for a unique perspective.

Featuring: Brian McCormick of Idiot’s Grace.

Get Away and Wild in Southern Oregon

For those looking to combine wild open country with outdoor recreation and world-class wine Southern Oregon is peerless. The more than 60 wineries in the region are honoring their unique land with distinctive Pinot noir, Syrah, Marsanne and much more. From Crater Lake to the Rogue River to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival there’s no shortage of Oregonian immersion available.

Featuring: Brad Niva of Travel Southern Oregon & Liz Wan of Serra Vineyards

Oregon’s Open Door Policy

Oregon’s wine industry was founded on collaboration. That open door and open arms attitude is a hallmark of any Oregon wine visit. In this episode we explore that communal nature of wine appreciation, what it means to foster a local wine scene and how the winery/restaurant offers a special experience not replicable at home.

Featuring: John House of Ovum Wines & Jeff Vejr of Golden Cluster, and Kate Norris of Southeast Wine Collective

Chardonnay the Oregon Way

Oregon is leading a renaissance of high quality American Chardonnay. As buzz and bottles increase we talk about what makes Chardonnay so compelling for winemakers and drinkers, and why Oregon Chardonnay is so… well, Oregonian.

Featuring: Marcus Goodfellow of Goodfellow Family Cellars & Anna Matzinger-Davies of Matzinger Davies Wine Company

Past Episodes: 2017

Listen: Old & New Guard
Oregon wine is in a unique position – close enough to the founding winemakers for their stories and influences to still be powerful, but buoyed by new energy, faces and wine expressions. Join winemakers Eugenia Keegan of Gran Moraine and Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines as they reflect on the present and future state of Oregon wine. (Air date: 4/29/17)

Listen: Care to See the Wine List?
A wine list is a story of place, personality, geography and more. The wine professionals who curate those lists bring a mix of preference and service to each decision. How are those preferences built, how are those decisions made, and where do the two intersect? Featuring Ava DeRosier of Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine and Andy Zalman of Higgins Restaurant. (Air date: 5/6/17)

Listen: It Takes a Village to Raise a Vintage
It takes many hands to produce a single bottle of wine. Oregon has been supporting an extended wine production family for decades as a matter of principle, not fashion. From harvest help to vineyard workers with decades of experience, who is behind the bottle and how does Oregon’s industry support them? Featuring Leda Garside of ịSalud! and Joe Ibrahim of Willamette Valley Vineyards. (Air date: 5/13/17)

Listen: More Than Pinot Noir
While Pinot noir leads in volume and reputation, Oregon grows more than 70 grape varieties. In this episode we explore the state’s other popular and esoteric varieties, where they succeed, why they succeed in those locations and how do winemakers know? Featuring winemakers Rob Folin of Folin Cellars and Stephen Reustle of Reustle Prayer Rock. (Air date: 5/20/17)

Listen: What is Terroir… Really?
Terroir: What does this elusive term really mean, does it matter and should it inform your wine habits? Let’s seek clarity on this often misunderstood and misused concept. Join winemaker Tom Fitzpatrick of Alloro Vineyard and geologist Kevin Pogue to discuss how Oregon winemakers identify and express terroir. (Air date: 5/27/17)


Listen: Why Biodynamic?
Tune in for an engaging conversation about biodynamic vineyard practices with Tahmiene and Moe Momtazi of Maysara Winery and Barbara Gross of Cooper Mountain. (Air Date: 5/28/16)

Listen: Certified Oregon
Oregon wineries are thought and practice leaders in the vineyards, as well as in the overall wine business. Listen to Brian discuss the “B Corp” certification with Alex Sokol Blosser of Sokol Blosser Winery and Bill Sweat from Winderlea Vineyard and Winery. (Air Date: 5/21/16)

Listen: Southern Hospitality
Chat with Oregon Wine A-List Wine Program of the Year winner, James Rahn, formerly of the Heathman Bar and Restaurant, then head down south for some southern hospitality with John Olson of TeSóAria Vineyard in the Umpqua Valley. (Air Date: 5/14/16)

Listen: Oregon’s Border Bounty
Travel across Oregon’s northern border and learn about the Columbia River Gorge from Steve Bickford of Mount Hood Winery and Walla Walla from Marty Clubb of L’ Ecole. (Air Date: 5/7/16)

Listen: Big Players and Beautiful Wines
Brian interviews two of the bigger players in Oregon wine: Sam Tannahill of A to Z Wineworks and Ed King of King Estate Winery. (Air Date: 4/30/16) 

Listen: A Visit to City Winery
We visit City Winery in New York to discuss the impact of Northwest wines on the east coast with City Winery Associate Winemaker, Ben Riccardi. (Air Date: 4/23/16) 


Listen: Walla Walla Valley
Steve Robertson of Delmas Wines talks about the 2015 establishment of Oregon’s newest AVA, The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater. In the second half, one of Walla Walla’s Oregon vineyard pioneers, Casey McClellan of Seven Hills Winery, talks about the collaboration between Washington and Oregon in this esteemed region. (Air Date: 4/25/15)

Listen: Oregon Food and Wine
We sit down with Chris Czarnecki, chef and owner of the Joel Palmer House, and Erica Landon, former Portland sommelier and current co-owner of Walter Scott Wines. (Air Date: 5/2/15)

Listen: Collaborative Winemaking in the Willamette Valley
Collaborative Winemaking in the Willamette Valley with Luisa Ponzi, Anthony King and Eric Hamacher of the Carlton Winemakers Studio. (Air Date: 5/9/15).

Listen: Spotlight on Southern Oregon
Spotlight on Southern Oregon with Earl Jones of Abacela and Bill Steele of Cowhorn. (Air Date: 5/16/15)

Listen: Spotlight on the Columbia Gorge
Exploring the Columbia Gorge with Lonnie Wright of the Pines 1852 and Robb Bell of Cathedral Ridge. (Air Date: 5/23/15)