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Annual Easter Bottle Wine Hunt


April 17, 2022


12:00pm - 2:00pm

Im on the right track


Youngberg Hill



Annual Easter Bottle Wine Hunt

About this Event

Easter Bottle Hunt
Hop on over to Youngberg Hill for some fun!
Instead of an Easter egg hunt, you’ll be on the lookout for wine. Bottles (empty) will be hidden all over the estate, waiting to be found. Each will be numbered to a corresponding prize.
Tickets to the event include the opportunity to win an amazing reward.
Youngberg Hill’s Easter Bottle Hunt starts promptly at noon. Please arrive a few minutes early to get checked in.
We will make a quick announcement and send everyone out to start searching shortly after 12 pm.
Once you have found a bottle you can bring it back to the event center and turn it in for a prize, then stick around for a tasting, glass, or bottle of wine and soak in our amazing view.
This event is for ADULTS 21 and over ONLY. Please leave the children and dogs at home.

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Contact the Venue

10660 Southwest Youngberg Hill Road
McMinnville, Oregon