Oregon Wine Month

Choose True Character.

Oregon Wine Month

Oregon Wine is sourced from the power and the purpose of the place.

When people ask why grow grapes and produce wine in Oregon, we glance around at the land and the vineyards and the cellars, and we say: Because, look at it.

This is why we invite people to eat and drink at our table. Why we’ll never quit the place we’re so lucky to call home. Why we always work together to give the world our best. Why we mean what we do and do what we mean. And why we say, Here, you’ve got to try this.

Join us every May in celebrating this place and Oregon Wine Month. Find a patio, tasting room, dining room or anywhere else to share a glass of Oregon’s True Character.

Dive in

Wine & Food Getaway

Enter for your chance to win a choose-your-own-adventure wine trip to one of four distinct regions.

Just Add Wine: Virtual Tasting Event on May 16

Celebrate wine and cheese and the makers behind Oregon’s delicious duo in the Tillamook Online Shop Just Add Wine: Virtual Event. Meet Jill Allen, Tillamook County Creamery Association’s Director of Product Excellence and world-renowned cheese judge, and Bree Stock, Director of Education and Master of Wine from the Oregon Wine Board.

May Events

Dog-friendly Wineries

Order a Wine Country License Plate

Oregon residents can order the special wine country license plate for an additional fee. Revenue generated from the license plate will go to Travel Oregon’s Oregon Wine Country License Plates Matching Grant Program, which provides grants to tourism promotion agencies for projects that promote wine and culinary tourism.

Join the Shortform Masterclass Series

This Oregon Wine Month, join Master of Wine Bree Stock for a virtual exploration of Oregon’s winegrowing regions and their True Character.

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