Bounty & Vine

Sip, Savor, and Celebrate

Bounty & Vine

In Oregon, we like to say “What Grows Together Goes Together!”

As autumn harvest season gets underway, wild blackberries grow in the hedgerows and riparian areas that surround manicured vineyards. Orchards on the opposing hillsides are bountiful with apples, pears, plums and hazelnuts. This is only one tiny part of Oregon’s vast and abundant ecosystem that allows its myriad culinary delights to coexist and flourish with some of the best wine on earth. Take a deeper dive into Oregon’s bountiful harvest season.

Summer gives way to fall, temperatures cool down, and the leaves on the vines fade from a vibrant green to warm and welcoming ambers and golds, making this is a truly special time of year to visit Oregon’s wine regions. Incredible food and wine are matched by mesmerizing views and unforgettable experiences. Throughout this season of Bounty & Vine, we invite you to Sip, Savor, and Celebrate the True Character of Oregon wine!

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What Grows Together Goes Together

Oregon wines paired with foods that come from the same soil teach us more about both. What grows together goes together!

Four Seasons Escape

Crisp fall days bring the excitement of crush, when winemakers set about harvesting, sorting, and pressing the grapes that eventually fill your glass.

It takes a village to raise a vintage

Raise a glass to these dedicated workers who nurture the vines and the people around them.

Wine Pairing Recipes

Enhance the dining experience with an array of Oregon wines.

Regional Activities

Start planning your trip.

Fall Events

Order a Wine Country License Plate

Oregon residents can order the special wine country license plate for an additional fee. Revenue generated from the license plate will go to Travel Oregon’s Oregon Wine Country License Plates Matching Grant Program, which provides grants to tourism promotion agencies for projects that promote wine and culinary tourism.

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