About the Oregon Wine A-List Awards

The Oregon Wine A-List Awards recognize restaurants across the world displaying enthusiasm for Oregon wine and a deep appreciation of the diverse regions, varietals and producers of Oregon.
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The Oregon Wine A-List Program offers two award designations:

A-List Award restaurants boast wine lists that have a significant presence of Oregon wine, typically representing a variety of styles and producers, with the list designating the wines’ Oregon origin. Within Oregon, restaurants devote 30% or more of their wine lists to Oregon wine or feature at least 30 different Oregon producers. Outside of Oregon, restaurants devote 10% or more of their wine lists to Oregon wine or feature at least 10 different Oregon producers.

A-List Wine Program of the Year is the highest honor awarded to a single restaurant and its wine program director each year with a wine program demonstrating a passionate devotion to Oregon wine. These restaurants display a commitment to Oregon wine by representing the vast diversity of fine wine produced across the state. The restaurant’s wine program director also shares their passion for Oregon wine by going above and beyond, offering deep selections of unique wine, vintage verticals, impressive regional diversity and/or staff and customer education.

The Oregon Wine A-List Awards evaluate wine lists, not the service or food quality of a restaurant. If you have any comments regarding your experience at one of the award-winning restaurants we would like to hear about it. Please email us.