New Stories, Itineraries and Maps

With all new stories, photos, itineraries and more than 500 tasting room listings, the 2019 Oregon Wine Touring Guide is ready for your bedside table, carry on bag, seat-back pocket and finally, to be folded in half and crammed into your jeans pocket as you explore Oregon.

In addition to practical tips, the guide features new editorial to take you behind-the-scenes of Oregon wine. Stories like A River Runs Through It by Ramona DeNies about the hallowed Steamboat Pinot Noir Conference.

IT’S NOT HARD TO IMAGINE A “GONE FISHIN’” SIGN hanging on the front door of the Steamboat Inn. Tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, this rustic, pine-walled lodge dates to the 1930s and sits on the banks of the gushing North Umpqua River, one of Oregon’s finest steelhead-bearing streams.

But for anyone steeped in the history of Oregon wine, Steamboat might conjure another sign: “Gone Sippin’.” Each July, this out-of-the-way anglers’ retreat plays host to one of the wine industry’s most significant gatherings: the Steamboat Pinot Noir Conference.

For more than 40 years, this influential four-day conclave has risen to prominence solely by word of mouth among winemakers. Co-founded by Stephen Cary (a longtime winemaker at Yamhill Valley Vineyards), the symposium has drawn a who’s who of Oregon wine producers, all with a shared goal of making the best Pinot noir in the world. And these days, Pinot noir makers from around the globe revere Steamboat—winemakers from California, Burgundy, New Zealand, and Chile all clamor for one of the 50 or so invites given out annually.

Why? Simply put, results.”

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