¡Viva Oregon Tempranillo Celebration!

Tempranillo grapevines have been growing in Oregon soil for more than two decades. Outside our borders Tempranillo is the fourth-most planted variety in the world.

Your opportunity to taste Oregonian expressions of the classic Rioja grape from 24 producers is almost here. Join the Oregon Tempranillo Celebration’s Grand Tasting on January 21 from 1-4 p.m. for fine wine, plentiful tapas and your own keepsake glass.

Enter OWB25 at checkout and receive $25 off the ticket price.

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Tempranillo takes its name from the Spanish word “temprano,” which means “early,” a reference to the fact that the variety ripens sooner than other grapes in Spain where Tempranillo is king. It buds late and only needs a relatively short growing season, with hot days and cool nights to preserve the fruit’s acidity. The thick skinned, deep blue-black berries are high in color and extract. Oregon Tempranillo can be enjoyed young and fresh or it can be made into elegant wines with great structure and aging potential. Come taste for yourself January 21.

A number of New World producers are doing Tempranillo. But if we’re going to go off the beaten path, we’re going with Southern Oregon and Rogue Valley as the terroir there lends to wines that can be just as rich and peppery as their Spanish equivalents.    – Wine Folly