Chardonnay pairing recipe

Seared Dayboat Scallops and Cacio e Pepe Pasta

by Chef Daniel Mondok at Raven & Rose in Portland, Oregon

Ingredients – Serves 4

2 pounds Dayboat sea scallops (Dayboats are dry-packed, never frozen or dosed with preservatives)

1 teaspoon Canola oil

2 tablespoon butter

1 clove garlic

1 teaspoon olive oil

½ pound cooked spaghetti, pasta water reserved

2 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese

Pinch of salt and paper

Pinch of fresh thyme


Step 1

Place a heavy bottom sauté pan on the stove and set to high heat. When you see smoke rising from the pan add a teaspoon of canola oil (the increased smoke is okay).  Add seasoned scallops to the pan and when the sides start to brown add garlic, 1 tablespoon butter and the thyme. Turn the scallops over and baste with the melted butter. Cook for an additional minute before pulling from the pan. Place the scallops on a paper towel to rest for 30 seconds.

Step 2

For the Cacio e Pepe: in a hot sauté pan, add the olive oil, pinch of salt, and a liberal pinch of fresh ground black pepper. Add cooked pasta, and some of the pasta water, (it’s important for the water because of the starch from the pasta). Mix in 1 tablespoon butter and grated Parmesan cheese. Using a fork, whisk all ingredients together until rich and creamy.

Step 3

Arrange scallops in the center of a warm plate and place the freshly cooked pasta on top. Serve immediately with your favorite glass of Oregon Chardonnay.

Pair it with Oregon Chardonnay

Cool climate Chardonnay, like those often produced in Oregon, are inspired by the crisp whites of Burgundy, and can be dramatically different from the oaked interpretations of California. The acidity and minerality will cut the richness of the scallops, butter and cheese and refresh the palate. Enjoy.

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