Antiquum Farm


Antiquum Farm

25075 Jaeg Rd, Junction City, OR 97448, USA


Antiquum Farm is a globally and historically  unique wine farm.  This is the birthplace of Grazing Based Viticulture, the world's most honest, ambitious, and fascinating pursuit of terroir. Our small family  farm is an emphatically expressive, alive, and vibrant place.  We seek to amplify the voice of the land by eliminating fertilizers and other outside influences. Sheep, chickens, geese, and pigs graze the vineyard throughout the year, nourishing the vines in a self-sustaining regenerative system we call Grazing-Based Viticulture. Farmer/owner, Stephen Hagen, is instituting a paradigmatic shift in how the concept of terroir is derived from a vineyard and is a global ethics and thought leader in the regenerative agriculture movement. We invite you to experience our vision through the honesty of our wines and the beauty of our home.
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Willamette Valley




Antiquum Farm

Antiquum Farm is the birthplace of Grazing Based Viticulture. A concept where fertilizers are eliminated and new depth of terroir is explored using year round rotational grazing of livestock in vineyards.

Antiquum Farm
Antiquum Farm
Antiquum Farm
Antiquum Farm
Antiquum Farm
Antiquum Farm

Where distinction is grown.

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